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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Weekly Message

Fairview Baptist Church
     On Sunday, Brother Johnny Baker continued his series of messages taken from the book of Revelation. In Revelation 2: 18-29, Jesus is giving John a message for the church of Thyatira. (There is much figurative language in these verses.)
     Thyatira, Brother Johnny said, had been destroyed and rebuilt several times. It was a military outpost purposed to guard Pergamos. The city had a small temple, but also one to worship the sun god. The churches had become corrupt, particularly the church of Thyatira.
     Jesus’ message for the church of Thyatira said there was a woman there, whom he called Jezebel, who called herself a prophet. The woman was teaching false doctrine; she had not repented, so Jesus said he would cast those who follow her into great tribulation.
     Even today, Brother Johnny said, people don’t want to hear the word of God, except in a compromised form. We need to teach our children the right doctrine in our homes, Brother Johnny said, or someone else will teach them theirs.
     Jesus said some good things about the church of Thyatira in verse 19. He said He knew their charity, service, and their works. Jesus said to hold fast to those good things until He comes, and He would give those that hold fast to the good things power over nations. “And I will give him the morning star,” Jesus says in verse 28.
     Brother Johnny said we have two directives in these verses: 1) Repent or 2) Suffer with your teachers if you are corrupted.
(End of sermon summary)
Henry and Darlene Smith celebrated their anniversary. Celebrating birthdays were Danielle Rice and Greg Hill.
113 attended Sunday school; 171 were present for the worship service.