Fairview Baptist Church
Monday, June 24, 2024
Connecting to God, to each other, to the world

Pastor's Greeting

On the front of our bulletins we have an unofficial motto: "Fairview Baptist Church: Where we never meet strangers; just friends we've never met." That is how we want to approach all that we do here. Everyone is a friend. Everyone is a fellow child of the living God. Everyone is a potential brother or sister in Christ. That is why connections are so important to us. We strive to achieve and maintain connections with members of our church family, with the people of our community, and most importantly, with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is through those connections that we fulfill the Great Commission. Those of us who know Christ as Savior take his good news into our communities. We use the connections we have to reach people with the gospel. As they are saved, we connect them to our church to help them grow in faith, as we continue to grow to be more like our Savior. We would love for you to come to Fairview and connect with us here. We provide a variety of opportunities for you to be fed from God's Word, to praise and worship Him, and to serve Him. We believe the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and we teach it and preach it faithfully in our worship services and Bible studies. You can get connected with a Sunday School group or discipleship class. You can join our choir or be part of our praise band. You can help reach our community and our world for Christ. There is a place for you and your family here. We may not have met you yet, but you are already a friend. Come and join us at Fairview! We look forward to welcoming you to our family!  
Bro. David Conrades, Pastor