Fairview Baptist Church
Saturday, November 26, 2022
Connecting to God, to each other, to the world


We are continuing to accept donations to help with tornado relief efforts in western Kentucky. You can mail a check to the church, or drop a donation in the lockbox next to the door under the canopy. Please write "tornado relief" in the memo line of your check. We are also accepting gift cards to help those affected by this tragedy. Gift cards to places like Walmart, Target, Kroger, Lowes, and Home Depot would be very helpful. Thank you again for your help in this endeavor. Please continue to pray for all those who were affected by these storms and for all the workers helping in the relief efforts.
There will be a work day at church on Saturday, September 10th, from 9am to 12 noon. We will be doing various projects in the graveyard and around the church grounds. Even if you cannot stay the full 3 hours, your help will be greatly appreciated.
There will be a short special business meeting after morning services next Sunday, September 11th.
The next Ladies Luncheon will take place on Thursday, September 22, at The Glitz in Nonesuch. The cost to attend this event is $37.00 and you will be responsible for your own cost. Reservations are required so please add your name to the sign up sheet on the communion table if you want to go. The van will be available for this event, so make sure to note on the sign up sheet if you need a ride. Van riders will need to be at the church by 9:30 am that day.
August editions are available. You can find these located at the front entrance and in the Sunday School office.
The church has purchased a few Men's devotionals to see if there is any interest in these. Copies are on the front entrance table. Please let Sherri know if you would be interested in continuing with these.
Don't forget that the youth “blessings box” is still in the foyer. Please continue to put an extra dollar or two in the box from time to time. All money collected will be used for an outreach project (like the 2022 Thanksgiving meal). Thank you for your continued help with this great project. 
This year Fairview will be packing boxes for boys and girls 2-4 years of age. We need donations of the followings items to help fill these special gifts:
  COLORING BOOKS         CRAYONS          SMALL CUPS          WASHCLOTHS          SOAP          SPOONS         
  NOTEBOOKS                  PENCILS           HOT WHEELS         HAIR TIES/RIBBONS
You can find these items at stores like Dollar General, Wal-Mart, and Target. Pick one or two up on your next shopping trip. Then bring them to church with you and place them in the OCC box in the Sunday School office.  You can also make a monetary donation and OCC committee members will do the shopping for you. Thank you for helping this wonderful ministry.
The next Sunday Night Fellowship will be on Sunday, September 11th. We will be watching the movie "Flywheel." This was the first movie made by the Kendrick brothers (who also made "Facing the Giants", "Fireproof", "Overcomer", etc). We will get started at 5:00 PM to allow time to see the movie.
Guess what! Some of you forgot to sign your names to the FBC Committee Sign-Up Sheets! Fairview needs YOU! SIGN UP TODAY!