Fairview Baptist Church
Saturday, May 25, 2024
Connecting to God, to each other, to the world

Youth Ministry

Here at Fairview Baptist Church we are dedicated to reaching our youth for Jesus Christ. We believe strongly in giving our young people today the guidance they need to be victorious for Jesus and teaching them how to continually grow in their spiritual walk. Through fellowship, study, and missions we help our youth to get on track for the Lord. 
     We try to keep a full calendar of events for our youth in order to give them chances to grow as a "group".  Some of our events include  youth retreats, Youth Conferences like Hearts on Fire, some lock-ins, several events for all of the youth county wide sponsored by the Lincoln County Baptist Association including a 5th Quarter Bash and a Discipleship Now Weekend, as well as summer camp.  We still have a full calendar ahead of us as well. 
     Here at Fairview we are dedicated to serving others through various mission fields.  Every year our Youth participates in multiple mission projects.  This could include local missions such as special projects for our elderly church members, state projects in Eastern Kentucky, and the opportunity to do foreign missions in Haiti among others areas around the world.   
     The church has provided our youth a Youth Center for them to have meetings, bible studies, and fellowships.  Class time is a time when we dig down into the scriptures, to study, to learn, and to apply God"s word to our lives.  We use various resources and approaches to reach and grow the youth.  These resources will at all times be Biblical.
Youth Pastor, Bro. Kenny Goodin  (alias, Cool K)