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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
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Mission Opportunities

Mission Opportunities
The mission opportunities here at Fairview Baptist Church are inspired by the Holy Spirit as we are led to the exact places and peoples that God would have us to minister to and reach for Jesus Christ. The Great Commission tells us to "Go" and go we must! We must go into our local community, to doors of opportunity in our own state and nation, and also around the world. Fairview Baptist Church is a mission-minded church and we are thankful for the partnerships we have with many different people groups and geographic locations. 
Our church sponsors mission opportunities for youth and adult chaperones to assist seniors in our church membership, our community here in Lincoln County, and in our state throughout the year. These youth projects are tremendous learning experiences that change the lives of our young people.  The testimonies from these mission trips will warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes as you hear young people give account of how God worked in their lives and in the lives of those they helped. What a blessing!
Fairview Missions Team will be exploring opportunities to minister in rural Eastern Kentucky through God's Appalachian Partnership in McDowell, Kentucky on June 28th, 2016. Come join us in serving our state in much needed ministry for the people in Eastern Kentucky as they suffer with the loss of the coal industry that was the mainstay of employment for the majority of persons in that region of our state.
The tremendous poverty coupled with the unimaginable devastation from the 2010 earthquake has added to the depth of need in Haiti, and Fairview has founded "Hour of Hope" Haiti ministry to help alleviate the suffering there and to reach the lost for Jesus.  This precious people group is only one hour by air from our U.S. border in Miami.  This mission involves ministry to an orphanage that opened in the spring of 2011, a Pastor's school, evangelistic crusades, and revivals.  Our team works with a local Haitian National and Pastor who oversees 14 churches in Port-au-Prince and Mirebelais in the mountains east of P-a-P.  God has opened the hearts of the people to receive the gospel message, and we are simply joining the Lord there to reach the masses, and trying to alleviate the suffering from high unemployment (92%), hunger, poor water quality and disease. Bro. Johnny leads teams into Haiti each spring (usually in March). It is a tremendous opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission as well growth in your faith and love people in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Come join us!